Alla on et Trobis

Scraps of theatre, cowboy movies, dance trios and Camus.

Imagine that you enter a space where you not only see the performance, but are part of the story. You can even be one of its characters. This comedy allows you to enter the home and the fantasized realities of a couple struggling to save their relationship. This patchwork of cowboy scenes, poetical soliloquies and sensual dance is sewn together with intense emotions and absurd humour, in a surrealistic and hilarious reflection on the tragedy of the human condition.

Bella and Ronnie have covered their individual memories as a couple with lies, living a desolate present in which they are distanced from one other and from their own selves. In a ferocious attempt to reencounter the original substance of their love, they share their distorted memories. The more they discover the different truths about themselves, the harder it is to stand their frustration, and they draw apart again. They again try to re-invent themselves from a distance, but with difficulty. Bombarded by mass media, their reality is continuously intertwined with fantasies, and their “personal reflections” are mined by texts from famous Hollywood scripts.

Director and playwright: Melina Pereyra.
Actors: Paco Aldaguer, Juan Pablo Miranda and Neus Suñé.
Photographer: Alejandro Moñivas.
A performance inspired by a trilogy by: Edward Thomas.


English Español