Boquitas Pintadas

Boquitas Pintadas is the passage of time that corrodes and tames, and a belief that the past was always better. Here, love, abandonment, sickness and death block any chance for continuity. It is cinema as a refuge and as a perfect, albeit misleading, reference point.

This piece presents itself as an emotional puzzle. It is the story of a small provincial town in the ‘30’s, with its romances and secret passions concealed within the mandate “I must be...”. It tells the story of youthful loves, urban and suburb life, a crime of passion, a young man with tuberculosis and the passage of time that combusts.

There are no great vicissitudes, and character expression evolves through the accumulation of seemingly banal events. Drama is hidden in the details, almost like in our own lives. The living and the dead (or better yet, the moribund) cohabitate, seeking to live life as a tango, but never risking its passion.

Director: Juan Pablo Miranda.
Actors: Melina Pereyra, Constanza Aguirre, Illona Muñoz, Sergi Torrecilla and Andreu Martinez Costa.
Playwright: Anna María Ricard.
Movement: Neus Suñé.
Camerawoman: Paula Maestro.



English Español