Chroma Teatre-Estudi

Melina Pereyra has been combining her performances with her teaching in various universities and her study of theatre in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Elisava University, IDAT Barcelona, ERAM Girona, Ulls Festival and Set Festival, and various Civic Centres in Barcelona. She has also been an assistant to Alejandro Catalán and Norman Briski.

In 2010 she created the Chroma Teatre-Estudi workshop and school, a space for both performance artists and other professionals interested in learning the theatre, cinema and performance acting profession.
In directing both training and creative processes, each actor’s expressive imagination is awakened, developed and strengthened to activate their most favourable dramatic possibilities. Actors begin to work on consciously using their distinctive styles, gestures and dynamics, allowing the spectators to break the surface and enter into their depth of emotions.

The body is a space where the events that generate theatrical fiction arise and are narrated. Acting is not what is said, but in how it is said. Actors who stop working on their gestural qualities and rhythm and only concentrate on the text are not only representing, but are boring. A good actor is one who develops his/her acting between the lines of the text”.



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