Melina Pereyra

Author-actress-director and acting trainer in theatre, film and TV.

In 2002, she founded the Chroma Theatre company, in which she developed theatrical narratives integrating movement, music, poetry, photography and film.
Her pieces reveal a dramatic world whose interpretations are charged with cutting humour and high emotional voltage. Her strongly visual playwriting creates jumps in time and space, allowing active and creative observation by spectators.

Today I look at myself in the mirror and see changes in my forty-something body and gestures. If I am capable of accepting my sagging meat on a personal and professional level with the necessary amount of humour, reality and athletic sense, with a feeling just shy of delight, my creations’ images will still have something to say. It sounds frivolous, but a person-actor’s experiences, peculiarities and potential becomes sculpted in his/her physical matter. The body as a metamorphosis and metaphor is the main theatrical element of my work. Here dynamic changes are created to allow actor and spectator to advance in a sensitive way through fiction”.

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