Noches Sonámbulas

Stage snapshots of various realities, with a collage of theatre, dance and poetry.

A modern cabaret? Perhaps it is, in not just one, but various overlapping stories giving mutual feedback through their dialogue. It is a mixture of visual and text-based theatre frames. In it, four sleepwalkers walk through various landscapes that branch off in an original way into post-punk dance choreographies, monologues with texts by Néstor Perlonguer, or dense “lynchean” film scenes. Faced with this narrative kaleidoscope, spectators travel through different times, spaces and atmospheres.

Fragments of dreams that are embedded in one’s thoughts by day? Fulfilled desires or simple fantasies? It is a canvas full of holes through which one can observe the suppurations, explosions and turbulence of these four characters.

In this performance, the characters express their wounds, desires and fantasies with the direct word, sometimes with no filter, at others sifting through poetic language, and others yet, allowing their entire bodies to dance the internal haemorrhage that words alone cannot express.

Director: Melina Pereyra
Play writers: Collective
Actors: Oscar Bosch, Juan Pablo Miranda, Jorge-Yamam
Serrano and Neus Suñé
Photography: Sofía Valencia Diaz


English Español