Trossos I

Trossos asks what is a home, a nation, where we are coming from, and where we are from? It includes fragments of my life and travels through music. This performance is proposed for interior or exterior spaces that are out of the ordinary.

This theatre piece randomly organises each step according to the order selected by its spectators. Would you like to select the soundtrack? Here, “the music of my life” plays and with it, the memories of past travels with the words changed.

"A suitcase full of cassettes, for each of which I have attributed a moment, a story, or a piece of my life that opens for you to choose and select the order of the story. Distant, sad and nostalgic songs to make one dream... one day we listened to Mercedes Sosa and with her my thoughts travel back to folklore... on another day Baglietto plays and shades of vermillion red appear with the tremors of my childhood. Each night my life plays in a different way. If you let me enter, I will find the nature (at least partially), of this place where we’ve come to meet. I am a nomad, but I like to leave my mark ".

Director: Ricard Soler i Mallol.
Actress: Melina Pereyra.
Playwriters: Melina Pereyra - Albert Boronat.
Assistant Director: Albert Boronat.
Set Design: Josep Carreras.




English Español